Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our first guest blogger!

CAPS volunteer Norma M. was kind enough to write up her experiences with the collection for our blog. Thanks, Norma! Enjoy Norma's story and please be sure to send in your own thoughts and photos.


From Norma:

I hadn't been in Chicago for Collection #1, so Collection #2 was my first time. I was worried because I would have to set the cups out in the side courtyard of a condo building, very shady, with lots of dogs....lots of possibilities for a complete flop. But have no fear! Not only did I find some bees in the cups the next morning, but the really cool thing was that my neighbors, both in my building and the building next to us on the other side, were so intrigued. People asked me about the multicolored cups, (thought it was an art project!), tried to keep their dogs it was a positive community experience as well as a CAPS contribution. I'm hoping we have as good luck for the next collection.

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