Thursday, August 13, 2009

Collection #2 > Th. 8/13 or Fr. 8/14

Hello all --

The weather for both tomorrow (August 13th) and Friday (August 14th)
is looking really great for bee collecting, so the second collection
will officially begin tomorrow. Feel free to perform the collection
on whichever of these days is most convenient. If either of these
days absolutely does not work for you, please collect on the next
sunny day (sunshine is also in the forecast for Saturday).

Remember that the bee bowls should be set out before 8am and collected
after 8pm on your chosen collection day, and that a data card should
be filled out for EACH collection (even though you filled out a card
for collection #1, please do so again for collection #2).

If any questions or concerns arise during this collection, do not
hesitate to contact us by e-mail
( or telephone (Cliff:
612.840.6333; Emi: 773.680.1205).

Thanks again to everyone for participating. Happy collecting!

- The [caps] Crew

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