Thursday, September 17, 2009

Collection Three TOMORROW (Friday 9/18) and Saturday 9/19

Hello CAPS volunteers!

It looks like the weather for tomorrow (Friday, September 18th) and Saturday (September 19th) are looking good for bees so please commence collection 3! You can perform the collection on whichever day is more convenient for you - but just collect on one day (not both).

Sunday (September 20th) is also a possibility, but it looks like there's a chance of rain, so please try for either Friday or Saturday.

Once again, you should place the bowls out prior to 8am and pick them up after 8pm (though it's okay to set them out the night before and pick them up the morning after, if need be). Once those bees are collected, please get them in to us so we can continue the process of sorting and identifying the bees.

Please also remember to fully complete the data card for collection three and return that with your specimens.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. Happy collecting!

- The [caps] Crew

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